• I enjoy solving problems through programming and the creation of robust systems – whether it be a small component of a bigger system, or a complete tool. I get great satisfaction with working in a team of dedicated people and seeing the end result of our hard work in action.

  • Qantm College – Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment, Major in Game Programming
    Sept 2012 – Dec 2014

    Albany Creek State High School
    2004 – 2008

  • Contractor – Lightmare Studio (Brisbane)
    March 2015 – August 2015

    Programming, Design and Development of the Infinity Wars game client.

    • Created new gameplay elements for an upcoming update.
    • Designed and implemented new systems and user interfaces.
    • Utilized Atlassian’s Service Desk to resolve outstanding issues with the game client.

    Internship – Lightmare Studio (Brisbane)
    September 2014 – December 2014

    Worked with the Infinity Wars client team on:-

    • Adding Localization to the game client for it’s multilingual release
    • Utilized Mantis bug tracking to resolve issues found by the community
    • Minor Code Changes

    Avanti Plus North Brisbane
    Dec 2008 – April 2012

    Served as a bicycle salesperson and mechanic.

  • QANTM – 40 Hour Game Jam
    April 2013
    Aug 2013
    Jan 2014

    OUYA – 10 Day Game Jam
    Feb 2013

  • Proficient in:-

    • C# (Including Unity3D)
    • C++
    • HLSL/GLSL Shaders
    • Java

    Familiar in:-

    • JavaScript
    • LUA

  • Proficient with:-

    • Unity3D
    • Visual Studio
    • Source Control (SourceTree, TortiseSVN, TortiseHG, TortiseGit)
    • Atlassian Project Management (Bitbucket, Jira Agile, Confluence, Service Desk)
    • Office Suites (MS Office, OpenOffice, Google Drive)
    • 0xDBE Database Tool

    Familiar with:-

    • IntelliJ Idea
    • Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)
    • 3DS Max
    • Blender

    • Unity3D
    • Bullet
    • Box2D
    • OpenGL 4.x
    • SFML
    • Ogre3D

  • Steam Backup Tool

    Portfolio Link

    An open source Backup tool for Steam, written in C# with Visual Studio.

    Study Break

    Portfolio Link

    An original game, made with a team in 40 Hours, written in C++ with Visual Studio utilising the SFML library.

    Stratagem: Space Arena

    Portfolio Link

    Stratagem: Space Arena is a hotseat strategy game set in space. It was created in Unity3D with a team of four people.

This CV can be downloaded in PDF form HERE.

Further details available upon request.