Vietnam – Day Seven – Hue

Today we had a scooter ride around the city of Hue, we all had a driver each and a plan to see some of the cities main attractions. The scooter ride was silly amounts of fun and it is much easer to sit on the back of a scooter than I imagined.

The first stop was at Thien Mu, a Buddhist Temple. It has a seven tier tower at the top of a flight of stairs in front of the temple. Inside the temple there is a car on display that a monk used to drive into Saigon. When he got out of the car he immolated himself in protest towards the lack of religious freedom and discrimination against Buddhism.


Front of Thien Mu Buddhist Temple


Garden at Thien Mu Buddhist Temple

On the next leg of the tour we went over a few, very skinny bridge, less than a meter wide that were made only for scooters and bicycles. We ended up at a Stadium where they used to make elephants and tigers fight each other to the death. The elephant always won because they represent good. the tiger represented evil as they killed live stock and people, today the tigers are very rare.


Claw Marks in the Tiger Holding Area

We then stopped at a small stall where they were making incense and the Vietnamese Conical Hats.


Making incense sticks

After this we went to a hill that overlooked the perfume river. the the top of there hill there are 4 bunkers that were built by the Americans that were used to prevent the Viet Cong from moving south over the river.


US bunker overlooking the perfume riverThe Perfume River

The next stop was the tomb for the second to last king in the 1800’s, nobody knows if the king is actually buried there as the only people present at the burial were close family and the guards that carried the coffin. after the guards were finished carrying the coffin were finished they were killed, this was considered a honour. the tomb it self has not been opened since the king was buried, so no body know if this is actually his final resting place.


The Kings holiday palace


Courtyard of the Kings tomb


Entrance to the kings tomb

After the tomb we went to another Buddhist Temple were they served a vegetarian lunch, it seems that they secretly crave meat as the tofu dishes tasted just like different types of marinated steak. It is so very serene there.


Buddhist Temple for Vegetarian Lunch

The last place we stopped at was at the rice paddies and a few small duck farms. A lady demonstrated the different tool that they use for harvesting the rice and pumping the water into the fields.


Ducklings in a duck farm

For dinner we went to a restaurant were we dressed up like royalty and some people played some Vietnamese court music. And the food was very beautify decorated.

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