Vietnam – Day Sixteen – Ho Chi Minh City

Our last full day in Vietnam. :(


Harvesting rice

Today we organised a trip to the Mekong Delta. On the first island we tried some of the local honey tea which included tea, honey, pollen balls, lime and royal jelly.

On the second island we ate some chips that were made out of rice paper mixed with other things like garlic. We then held a reasonably big python that apparently weighs 19kg. We then got a shot each of snake wine, which is basic a bottle of Rice Wine with a snake and sometimes a scorpion suspended inside it.

On the third island we went on a motorbike ride and tried some of the local fruits which included, Water Mellon, Mango, Dragon Fruit and Jackfruit. We then got into a small traditional boat which paddled us to the larger boat.


I’m on a boat!

On the Forth and last island we had lunch. during lunch it started to pour down, the first time we have had any serious amounts of rain (Yes we have been very lucky!).

On the trip back to the mainland we had some coconut milk in the coconut, then we headed back to Ho Chi Minh City.

we caught a taxi to dinner and afterwards we had to go back to the ice cream shop. How ever when we gave the taxi driver their business card he thought we wanted to go to a different one to what we expected. Not that it mattered when the taxi fare is almost always less than $2. the one we ended up going to was really big, about 5 time bigger than the one we went to earlier. and one again the ice cream was really really good!


Shaun’s icecream for the day

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