Vietnam – Day Fifteen – Ho Chi Minh City

With yesterday being our last day of the tour were free to do our own thing. We decided to check out the Saigon Zoo. Entry wasn’t exactly expensive at 75 cents. There were a few animals there that we had not seen before, these include Sun Bears, White Tigers, Porcupines and Otters. Unfortunately the locals had a nasty tendency to throw food and bottles at the animals. I saw a group throwing ice cream cones at the sun bears and plastic bottles at the chimpanzees.


Rhino at Saigon Zoo


White Tiger at Saigon Zoo

After a few hours break at the hotel we went back to the ice cream place  and later dinner with a few of the people still in Vietnam from the tour.

I haven’t posted any pictures of what the ice cream looks like so here are a few of them.


What Shaun had tonight


What Shaun had yesterday night


What Shaun and I had yesterday afternoon

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