Vietnam – Day Fourteen – Ho Chi Minh City

Waking up at 4am hurts. Especially after spending the night on a noisy train that jolts you to sleep. We headed straight the the hotel for so we could leave our bags there until check in at 12 noon. From there we headed to the Cu Chi tunnels were the Viet Cong and the locals launched their offensives from.

There were centipedes everywhere in the area, reasonably long too at around 9-10cm in length. I would of seen at least 15 of them on the path and on walls during our time there. We started of by looking at a map of the area  were it showed the tunnels snaking around the area. with some that even went under the largest of the US military bases. We moved onto a tiny secret entrance to the tunnels that were used for flanking the US troops if they were attacking the main entrances. The entrance was really small most westerners would have trouble getting in there, especially with a gun. There is also a lid that when covered with leaves would be almost impossible to find.


one of the many entrances to the Cu Chi tunnels

We then moved onto Some of the traps that the Viet Cong used. All of the ones that were demonstrated there were truly gruesome and most of them were meant to maim rather than kill. We then walked past the firing range that where you can fire a AK47 and a m16 (and a few others as well) but at almost $20 for 10 bullets I decided to give it a miss (Thats 10 liters of beer).


Shaun firing a Ak47

After Shaun was done having his fun we walked through one of the tunnels. They were really small most of the time was spent crouching down. Most of the time it was hard to see what was in front of you as the tunnel is lit at reasonably large  intervals.


Inside the Cu Chi tunnels. This was one of the many tunnels branching off from ours.

After a quick meal similar to what the Viet Cong would of had, we headed back to Ho Chi Minh City for a 1 hour break at the hotel and lunch.

Our next objective was to see the War Remnants Museum. Out the front the the museum there were a lot of US military vehicles like Tanks, Helis, Jets and Jeeps and the best of all a Cessna with rocket pods. Inside the building there was many pictures of the devastation of war, including agent orange.

We then went to the Independence Palace were the south Vietnam directed their war efforts


One of the first tanks that entered the palace signalling the end of the war

After this we stopped a French cathedral and a massive post office right next door, then headed to a ice creamery called Fanny, best ice cream ever, also best name ever.


Best ice cream ever!

For dinner we headed to a restaurant for our break up dinner which was awesome fun, then we had more ice cream at Fanny.

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