Vietnam – Day Thirteen – Nha Trang

Today we had another one of those lazy days. We had a optional activity at the mud baths a few kilometres from where we were staying. The group wasn’t going to the mad baths until 1pm so we did the only logical thing and slept in until 10pm.

I wasn’t to interested in wallowing about in some mud so at 1pm a guy from the tour and myself went down to the beach to relax and chill out for a few hours.

Nha Trang seems to be Vietnam’s version of the Gold Coast were a lot of people (mainly foreigners) come just to spend the week on the beach, A bit to touristy for my liking.

We went for a early dinner as we had a sleeper train to our next destination at 6:30pm and the food is apparently really really bad on the train. To pass the time on the train we watched a few movies then went to bed.

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