Vietnam – Day Twelve – Nha Trang

Today we woke up reasonably late for ANZAC day with plans to go on a boat tour of the islands of Nha Trang.

On the way to our first stop we went under a huge gondola. apparently it is the largest in the world to go over water. At 3km long and 48 meters high it is defiantly big. It connects the  mainland to a island, which I believe has a resort on it. The island also has a Hollywood style sign on the mountain that spells out Vinpeal.


Gondola at Nha Trang


Vinpeal Written on the island

Our first destination was a small fishing village with 5000 people on it. the island is fully self sufficient, so the inhabitants hardly ever go to the mainland. The men are out at sea fishing for three months at a time and when they come back they have a break (drinking and gambling) while the women fix the nets. The people on the island are super friendly, especially the kids. It wasn’t to uncommon seeing them run up to us saying “hello” practising their English on us. A few of them even gave us a High Five.


Fishing island at Nha Trang

After the trip in the village we went to a coral reef were we snorkelled for 45 – 60 minutes. Shaun and I saw puffer fish, star fish, sea cucumbers and various other fish. oh and of course corral…

After snorkeling we had a lunch and as always we have way to much food (I think its impossible to starve here as a tourist). The next destination was a “beach” but rather then having sand like a normal self respecting beach, it had large black rocks. So not only did the rocks themselves hurt your feet, they were really hot as well. In the water there is a really rickety platoon with a slide on it. The slide was shaped in such a way that you launch of the first hump then hit end of the slide in a bone jarring experience  just centimeters before hitting the water. After a few hours of lazing about we headed back to the mainland.

for dinner we went to a really interesting Vietnamese Barbecue. They served up plates of uncooked meats and vegetables which we cooked on a coal fire stove. they also had frog, which, to be honest tasted like slightly sweet chicken. As a bonus they had 640ml of beer for less than $1


Vietnamese BBQ


Just 640ml of beer for 95cents.

We then went to one of the local pubs for the “mandatory” ANZAC Day drinks. I didn’t want anything, but apparently that translates to “Lets buy the sober guy some really disgusting tasting cocktails”.

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