Vietnam – Day Ten – Hoi An

Today we chose to have a relaxing laid back day rather than doing the optional activity. The latest sleep in that we have so far was 8:30 so we were keen to have a bit of a sleep in till 10:00. Unfortunately the Cleaning lady foiled those plans by wanting to clean our room, but not before people started to renovate the room next door, All in all we got up at 9:00.

We walked back into the old quarter for for breakfast and on the way I picked up some bordies. We then went to the suit tailors to pick up our suits and god do they fell good!

Once we were done there we went back to the hotel and caught a taxi to the beach with some of the other people from our tour. On the beach we decided to splash out on a jet ski hire, Half an hour for only $32. It was silly amounts of fun by the end of the half an hour the wind had started to pick up so it started to get choppy. But when I got the chance to look down at the speedo I could see 30 – 33 mp/h. Other than occasionally getting harassed by someone trying to sell you trinkets it was very relaxing chilling on the beach with a drink and talking to the others.


Hoi An Beach


Me on a Jet Ski


Shaun on a Jet Ski

After the beach Shaun decided to say hello his feminine side and get a full body massage while I and another guy on the tour went for a late lunch and coffee. Once Shaun was done we went to the shoes tailors to pick up my shoes. they look really really nice but they smell like glue and shoe polish >.< (I later found out that the smell is more than happy getting into you clothing). The shoes are reasonably comfortable, but being leather they will need to stretch a bit.

We then met up with the rest of the group for dinner then bed. all in all a very expensive day, in Vietnamese terms, but everything is so cheap it I don’t really mind.

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