Vietnam – Day Nine – Hoi An

Today we had a bike ride around the city of Hoi An. During the ride we saw rice paddies, crab farms, a few random buffalo, people harvesting water coconuts and making beach umbrellas.


Bike ride in Hoi An


A crab farm


Hello there! I are Buffalo!


Harvesting water coconut

After the ride we had a few hours free time, so we spent it walking around the old quarter and eating some really really yummy food for brunch. At 2PM we went back to the Suit Tailors to try on the suits and get the hems sized correctly. The suits felt really solid, more so than my suit back home. Even the tailored dress shirt feels really nice to wear. after that we grabbed some lunch and two (Supposedly) 100% silk ties. the ties only cost $5 each and they felt really solid and well made.


Hoi An’s old quarter

At 6PM we had a cooking class where we first went to one of the local markets to buy the ingredients. then we all had a go at cooking a selection of popular meals. The four meal we cooked were sweet and sour chicken soup, fried spring rolls, green papaya salad and fish in banana leaf.


A lady peeling french onion at the market.


Making Fish in banana leaf

After the cooking class we went back to the tailors to get a few more adjustment done to the sleeve length and a shoe tailor to order some leather dress shoes for myself.

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