Vietnam – Day Sixteen – Ho Chi Minh City

Our last full day in Vietnam. Today we organised a trip to the Mekong Delta. On the first island we tried some of the local honey tea which included tea, honey, pollen balls, lime and royal jelly. On the second island we ate some chips that were made out of rice paper mixed with other […]


Vietnam – Day Fifteen – Ho Chi Minh City

With yesterday being our last day of the tour were free to do our own thing. We decided to check out the Saigon Zoo. Entry wasn’t exactly expensive at 75 cents. There were a few animals there that we had not seen before, these include Sun Bears, White Tigers, Porcupines and Otters. Unfortunately the locals […]


Vietnam – Day Fourteen – Ho Chi Minh City

Waking up at 4am hurts. Especially after spending the night on a noisy train that jolts you to sleep. We headed straight the the hotel for so we could leave our bags there until check in at 12 noon. From there we headed to the Cu Chi tunnels were the Viet Cong and the locals […]

Vietnam – Day Thirteen – Nha Trang

Today we had another one of those lazy days. We had a optional activity at the mud baths a few kilometres from where we were staying. The group wasn’t going to the mad baths until 1pm so we did the only logical thing and slept in until 10pm. I wasn’t to interested in wallowing about […]


Vietnam – Day Twelve – Nha Trang

Today we woke up reasonably late for ANZAC day with plans to go on a boat tour of the islands of Nha Trang. On the way to our first stop we went under a huge gondola. apparently it is the largest in the world to go over water. At 3km long and 48 meters high […]

Vietnam – Day Eleven – Hoi An to Nha Trang

Today we had a rather dull day travelling from the beautiful city of Hoi An to Nha Trang, a 10 hour journey. Unfortunately the train ride took up the whole day starting from 10:00am until 8:30pm, so we spent the day talking, sleeping and watching movies and TV shows on my laptop. Once again we […]


Vietnam – Day Ten – Hoi An

Today we chose to have a relaxing laid back day rather than doing the optional activity. The latest sleep in that we have so far was 8:30 so we were keen to have a bit of a sleep in till 10:00. Unfortunately the Cleaning lady foiled those plans by wanting to clean our room, but […]


Vietnam – Day Nine – Hoi An

Today we had a bike ride around the city of Hoi An. During the ride we saw rice paddies, crab farms, a few random buffalo, people harvesting water coconuts and making beach umbrellas. After the ride we had a few hours free time, so we spent it walking around the old quarter and eating some […]


Vietnam – Day Eight – Hue to Hoi An

Today we had a long four hour bus ride ahead of us to Hoi An. The weather today was fairly interesting early in the morning I woke up to go to the ATM to get some cash out, and it was really really blustery. Very similar as  just before an afternoon storm back home. The […]


Vietnam – Day Seven – Hue

Today we had a scooter ride around the city of Hue, we all had a driver each and a plan to see some of the cities main attractions. The scooter ride was silly amounts of fun and it is much easer to sit on the back of a scooter than I imagined. The first stop […]